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Why Off-Plan Property Investing in Kenya?

Why Off-Plan Property Investing in Kenya? Whilst the buy-to-let sector works to navigate its way around the latest tax changes and tighter lending rules, a growing number of landlords who want to continue to invest are recognizing the opportunity to be had by switching to off-plan property investing in Kenya.   CLICK HERE TO SEE…

Top Investment Opportunities in Kenya 2019-Find Out Now

Good news to those looking for investment opportunities in Kenya 2019 ! Recent report by Hass Consult have indicated that stocks are undervalued and primed for a rebound as investors troop back to buy on the cheap. Are you Looking investment opportunities in Kenya 2019 ,Visit our offices now for details on how to get started…

Why Fractional Leisure Property Ownership Investment in Kenya?

  Are you looking for the luxury investments with high returns in Kenya? As a matter of fact when it comes to investing, we all look for opportunities with the most profitable returns or at best with high demand. Have you ever heard about fractional leisure ownership investment?   Fractional property ownership is a way in which several unrelated…

How To Own Fully The Best Vacation Homes in Mombasa Kenya

Many people dream of owning a vacation homes in Mombasa Kenya , but sometimes their income does not allow this to actually happen. But with latest investment concept in Kenya well know as Fractional Leisure Property investment, an owner can split the monthly carrying cost of the vacation homes in Mombasa Kenya— not to mention…

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