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Top Places Where To Visit in Mombasa-Newly Updated This year!

Top 3 Places  To Visit in Mombasa This Year! Discover now the top 3 Places  to Visit in Mombasa Kenya! Enjoy lowest Price at our Fractional Leisure Vacation Luxury Resorts in Diani Beach Kenya, Malindi & Lamu. Amazing Candid Luxury traveler photos. Great Value, Romantic Vacy Destinations, Family Friendly luxury resorts in Kenya! Fly To…

What are The Best Family Retreats in Kenya Destinations?

Find the Best Family Vacations in Kenya-Not that Just because you have a very beautiful and busy family it actually doesn’t mean  that your lovely family don’t deserve a luxurious vacation to the best  Family Vacations in Kenya destination. VISIT OUR OFFICES OR CALL US NOW ON +254790399455 & lEARN HOW YOU CAN OWN A…

Why Shared Luxury Property Investment in Kenya is Common Among Kenyan Couples

Shared Property Investment in Kenya is fast gaining momentum among married couples as result of the rising economic empowerment of women from the National Government. Previously, most women in serious relationships opted for registered property in the name of their men despite their shared contribution towards the purchase of the property. Looking for Shared Property…

Best All-Inclusive & Family Friendly Beach Resorts in Kenya

Many people visit Kenya for luxury all inclusive holidays in kenya as a result of it’s an ideal getaway to unwind and relax. Kenya is well known for its  sandy beaches, best holiday destinations in Kenya with high-end facilities and services as well as restaurants, spas, and swimming pools with ocean views. You’ll surely expertise the utmost …

What is Fractional Property Investment in Kenya?

Fractional Property Investment in Kenya is the future of vacationing in Kenya. It’s a chance for us as Kenyans to own prime vacation property at a fraction of the price; also for a fraction of the time. The perfect balance between owning a home that you’ll only get to visit a few weeks in a year,…

Why Invest in a Luxury Holiday Homes in Kenya

Definitely Everyone Always want to have memories when it comes to Luxury Lifestyle Vacations. There has been a change in perception as more and more people toy with the idea of owing a Luxury holiday homes in Kenya. Why own a holiday home in Kenya? The main reason why homeowners are purchasing second homes is…

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