Why Fractional Ownership Investment Plan?

It’s a Real Ownership Investment Plan

With This Plan, the Buyer acquires real assets-the Land, the structure, the furniture, plus any other assets associated with the property. Fractional Owners also have the right to make decisions on matters regarding their Fractional Ownership property. Also you have the right to sell your shares anytime you may wish!Finally Through This Plan you can actually own the Best Beach Resorts in Kenya

It’s a Turns Profit Investment Venture!

Actually Most Fractional Property Owners May opt to use their share(S) as an Investment, making up to a 10% return or more on their money each year. Consider someone who buys a 10% equity share of the Best Beach Resorts in Kenya for Ksh 1,000,000.With their share, the owner has access to the vacation home for five weeks every year. If this owner choose to rent out all five weeks rather than use them personally, they could make some income every year or more after their share of expenses are paid on the same home! Does that sounds cool?

It’s Very Affordable to All & One Can Easily own the Best Beach Resorts in Kenya

Would you rather buy a beach house in Diani, Kenya for Ksh 1,000,000 or Ksh 10,000,000? It probably depends on the house, right? Well, what if you could buy a Ksh 10,000,000 beach home at Diani for Just Ksh 1,000,000?That’s How Fractional Ownership works. Simply For Ksh 1, 000, 000, you can buy 10% ownership in a Luxury Beach Home worth Ksh 10,000,000!

The Property Management Costs are spread all around

Routine Costs like cleaning, repairs, taxes, furnishing and property management are actually hugely reduced when shared among the fractional property owners!

It’s a Worry Free Investment Plan

Once you Become the Fractional Property Owner, you by default start enjoying 24/7 onsite property Management by our team of dedicated staff who will be updating you on everyday issues!