Instead of a property  being sold under the normal concept of whole ownership,whereby an individual purchase the whole property,paying extremely inflated  purchasing and furnishing costs,each property is essentially split up into fractions,enabling investors to only purchase the amount of time within the property that they require,therefore greatly reducing purchase,furnishing & management costs.
Each property is owned by an individually registered  company which offers an amount of shares to the investor/purchaser,equal to the time /fraction that the owner requires.
All properties or fractions are offered under a 99 year renewable lease ,allowing owners the full flexibility of standard whole ownership i.e the possibilities  of using,renting  or selling the property share at any time.This is also a fully bankable asset,considered tradable  collateral by banks and financial institutions.
The most obvious benefit of fractional ownership is that it increases one’s purchasing power to acquire ownership interest in an asset  which one could not otherwise  afford  or choose to purchase.
This concept is particularly attractive where one does not need or expect  to use the asset  100% of the time.In essence it increases the efficiency of the money  spent by maximizing the utilization of the asset.
As the initial purchase price is greatly reduced ,fractional ownership allows you to  purchase,should you so wish multiple fractions in varied destinations so as to give your family a wider range in holiday destination choices.
The African Collection management company relieves all of the additional concerns regarding maintenance,furnishing  & finding rental guests  for your property ,therefore generating a healthy return on your investment and completely hassle free ownership structure.
As you’re purchasing a ninety nine year lease(you are the owner),your property will be appreciating in value every year.In this case, according to Knight Frank,by around 10% per year,for the foreseeable future.
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