This is What you are Missing As a Fractional Luxury Travel in Kenya Boss!

Have you ever thought of why Most Kenyans are fast embracing Fractional vacation home renting? Perhaps you’ve always stayed in Luxury hotel rooms during your last luxury travel in Kenya and were unaware of the new way of lodging? Trust us that once you will realize how important is by renting a Fractional family vacation home, you will soon be saying, “Ditch Luxury Travel in Kenya hotels, discover new lodging” like thousands of our Luxury Fractional Property owners.


“Fractional ownership  allow each co-owner to pay only a fraction of the costs and ongoing expenses of vacation home ownership, and share the risks of unforeseen maintenance problems and value depreciation with others.”Visit our offices located at Crescent Business centre 6th floor and learn how you can become a fractional property owner !”

Actually in Kenya, the renting out of luxury travel in Kenya private vacation homes is rapidly increasing. It’s becoming the new way of luxury travel in Kenya. Why? Despite saving hundreds on lodging costs by avoiding renting multiple luxury hotels rooms, it’s an economical and fun way to accommodate your entire family or group comfortably while enjoying being together.

Reasons Why Kenyans Loves Fractional Rental Vacation Property in Kenya

Great Discounts on Everything in Town
Unlike other rentals vacation property investment in Kenya, we have partnerships with many local rental car companies, restaurants, massage therapists, and entertainment companies. You receive discounts on rental cars, flight tickets, ski rentals, in-home massage, great catered meals, dining, city sightseeing tours, and many other fun activities.

Spacious House and Kitchen Supplies

Our Fractional vacation homes are always stocked with towels, linens, bath amenities, paper towels, kitchen supplies, cookware, and even laundry detergent for a few loads. This alone saves you time and funds from having to worry about stopping at the store before your family holiday vacation in Kenya starts.

 Members Do Enjoy Emergency Maintenance and Housekeeping Staff

Unlike typical by other expensive  rentals vacation properties in Kenya, once you are fractional property owner, you receive peace of mind knowing that if something does go wrong, a professional staff is just a phone call away to ensure your luxury travel in Kenya holiday  is trouble-free and comfortable. Sometimes renting a home from a homeowner exposes you to poor service and response time should something go wrong.This actually makes your Luxury travel in Kenya boring!

Enjoy Plenty sleep For Less!

Our Fractional holiday homes in Kenya are some of the largest and most accommodating in the country. Bring the whole family. A group of 20 is accommodated comfortably for as low as $18 per person per night in a large private luxurious holiday home.  In summer months, our homes are great for reunions to sleep up to 25.

Members Save Big on Dining cost

Enjoy your own Luxurious private kitchen fully stocked with kitchen wares making it easy to prepare your own meals, saving you hundreds on dining out. Members also do enjoys discounts on catering and grocery!

Members Do Enjoy Luxury Travel in Kenya Privacy
Enjoy the whole fractional holiday home in Kenya to yourselves. In a Luxury Fractional hotel room you never know when housekeeping will come in.

We Don’t Charge No Extra Cost/No Hidden Cost

As a fractional property boss, you won’t pay a parking fee, resort fee, bottled water fee, internet access fee, using the room towel for the pool fee. It’s all inclusive with your vacation home.

Enjoy Unbeatable Amenities

Private hot tub (most homes) and luxurious private swimming pools, game room, private movie theater, large private fenced yard to gather and play.

  Year Round Availability

When other companies shut down for the season, we don’t. Winter ski trips, summer reunions, fall festivals, spring tulips, never miss a season in gorgeous vacay!


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