Why Invest in a Luxury Holiday Homes in Kenya

Definitely Everyone Always want to have memories when it comes to Luxury Lifestyle Vacations. There has been a change in perception as more and more people toy with the idea of owing a Luxury holiday homes in Kenya.

Why own a holiday home in Kenya?

The main reason why homeowners are purchasing second homes is so that they can find a home away from home. Holiday homes in Kenya are usually found in shags (rural home) so that families can be comfortable whenever they visit the grandparents, without having to rent a hotel room or crowd the main house. Others just want a home that will act as an escape from the day to day hustle and bustle of life.

Another reason for owning holiday homes in Kenya is for homeowners to benefit from short-term rentals. This happens a lot in the coastal region or other tourist destinations. You may have a beautiful house by the coast but you’re hardly ever around to use it. The sensible move to make would be to rent it out to people in need of a holiday spot. It could be a bed and breakfast or have longer 1 week to 1 month stay. You can set aside time when you and the family use it, then the home turns commercial for the rest of the year.

A holiday home in Kenya would also be a good idea for a retirement home. You could use it for commercial or holiday purposes then when it’s time to retire and settle into the next phase of your life, the home would come in handy.

Cons of buying a Luxury holiday homes in Kenya

As much as buying a luxury holiday homes in Kenya seems like a grand idea, the costs are even grander! From maintenance to insurance to even paying back the loan you took to build/buy it. If you don’t have a tenant to provide some financial release, you will find yourself paying for two houses yet you only use one.

Chances are that your tenants would like to use the home the same time you do. Throughout the year, not many people take holidays. You may want to enjoy your holiday home in December when schools have closed yet that’s peak rental time. Finding a balance between your own personal use and commercial use can be a bit tricky.

The house may be beautiful but after spending a few holidays in the same spot, you could get bored of doing the same thing. Financially, this will seem like a bad option because you’ll end up paying to go somewhere else as your holiday home sits idly.

If you have no intention of having tenants, then the house can quickly get damaged due to neglect, unless you have someone going there every so often to clean the house and keep up with its maintenance

Best of both worlds?

Baobab development group arrived in Kenya to provide a solution to the hustle of owning luxury holiday homes in Kenya. With their introduction of Fractional Ownership to the market, more and more people are getting the perks of owning a holiday home in Kenya with far less stress. With the concept of fractional ownership, it is possible to buy a luxurious home for a fraction of time in the year which reduces maintenance costs and you won’t have to pay for a house you only visit once a year. The African Collection is a collection of resorts that started out with just one resort in Malindi but has grown to 4 with plans to expand to more destinations. If you own a fractional holiday homes in Kenya the movement within the collection is much easier. You may decide to visit your Malindi holiday home for two consecutive years then opt for a change and go to Nakuru the next year at no extra cost.

And finally

The decision to own Luxury Holiday Homes in Kenya requires a lot of research, time and commitment. Whether you want to go the fractional route or perhaps buy a home all to yourself, weigh out all your options and make an informed decision.

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