Mwembe Resort

Malindi, Kenya


5 years ago
The Village Malindi|The Best Luxury Hotels Mombasa

The Village

Malindi, Kenya


5 years ago

Amber Villas

Diani, Kenya


5 years ago

Why Should You Choose Fractional Leisure Property Ownership as An Investment?

Invest with Confidence, Live the Luxury Lifestyle you Deserve!

Why pay 100% of the cost for 10% of the time when you can pay 10% of the cost for 100% of the time!

It’s an Amazing Investment!

All Fractional Property Owners May Opt to rent their shares as an investment,offering a fantastic financial return on investment, Also as we only build our luxury resorts in the most beautiful & popular locations in Kenya,Fractional Owners also have added benefits of their property appreciating in value faster than most,offering fantastic capital gains at the point of resale!

It’s a Worry Free Investment Plan

Enjoy 24/7 onsite property Management by our team of dedicated staff who will be updating you on everyday issues!

Extremely Affordable to All

Fractional Property Ownership enables you to own a "Fraction"of a multimillion shilling Luxurious property at very affordable prices that suit all budgets!

The Property Management Costs are spread all around

Routine Costs like cleaning,furnishing, repairs, taxes, and property management are actually hugely reduced when shared among the fractional owners!

Why Our Luxury Resorts & Homes?


The following are some of the awesome features available in all our resorts.


Around the clock security is provided to ensure your investment is always secure.

Living Inside Nature

Our resorts are built around the best natural sceneries and locations you can find.

Luxurious Fitting

Live the high life. They don't call our resorts gateaway paradise for nothing.


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